How to configure Tezos on Ledger Nano S

Feb 14, 2019 6 min read
How to configure Tezos on Ledger Nano S

Configuring Tezos on Ledger Wallet

How to Configure Tezos on Ledger Nano S

Today we decided to do a very easy tutorial on how to store your Tezos tokens on a Ledger Nano S.

Configure Your Nano S

Once you bought your Ledger, the first step, you have to do if you want to store your Tezos on Ledger is to open the website and then download the Ledger Live app.

Once, the Ledger Live app downloaded, you should open it and then go on the Manager and allow the Ledger Manager on your Nano S by connecting your device and then by pressing the right button on your Ledger.

Once your Ledger Nano S is connected, this is the page you should see.

For now, Tezos is not available on the App Catalog. To add it, you should go to the settings and scroll down the page to Activate the developer mode.

Once the developer mode is activated, you can come back to the app catalog and you should normally be able to find Tezos on the list.

Then you just have to install the Tezos Wallet on your ledger. Note that Ledger Nano S allow only 3 cryptocurrencies on the device so you may have to delete some other crypto. (This does not impact your holding)

A message error will appear if you don’t have enough storage left.

If everything works perfectly, you will be able to see your Tezos Wallet on your Ledger Nano S.

At this point, you did the most difficult part. For now, as Ledger does not allow to have a Tezos Wallet directly in the Ledger Live so you should use a Tezos Wallet.

There are other wallets allowing to do the same but on this tutorial, we will focus on the most known: Tezbox.

In this tutorial, we will use the wallet directly from their website but you are free to install the chrome extension or the Windows or Mac OS versions.

When you clicked on “Wallet” this page should appear.

If you want to link your Tezbox to your Nano S device you should click on: “Link your TezBox”.

Almost done, the last page is this one.

Leave the first case with the default key and just click on Link Tezbox.

This page will appear. Now what you have to do is to verify your address on the Ledger Nano S by opening the Tezos wallet on your Ledger device. It’s the Tezos Wallet previously created through Ledger Live.

By opening your account on the Nano S, a message should appear on the screen of the Nano with your Public Key Hash.

Approve the public Key Hash once again by pressing the right button on your Nano S Ledger.

Once you validate on the device your public key hash, the screen on the Tezbox website should change and you now should have this.

And it’s done, you can now store your Tezos directly using your Ledger Nano S!

Delegate your Tezzies (XTZ)

Once, you have created a wallet on Tezbox and maybe by linking your Nano S, you should have a page who looks like this.

To delegate your Tezos you need to create a KT address that will allow you to delegate your XTZ. It’s not possible to delegate directly using a Tz address.

To do that just click on Add Account, you need some Tezos to validate the address and to pay the small creation fee linked to it (~0.260XTZ). So before creating a KT address, make sure you have enough funds available on your wallet by simply sending some Tezos to your wallet.

Click here if you want to compare places where you can buy Tezos

Once your wallet is funded and you are ready to add your KT account here is the message that appears.

Click on Yes, continue, and then you will need to approve the operation directly on your Ledger Nano S (if you have previously linked your wallet using Ledger.)

Once the operation is confirmed (once again by pressing the right button on your Ledger Nano S) your KT address will be created.

Once your KT address is created you need to send some funds to it and once again validate the transaction on your Ledger device.

This part is important. Delegators do not need to hold custody of their clients. The funds should be sent to your own KT address and not directly to your baker. (Except for some Baking as a Service model)

In the KT address go on Delegate.

Open the Delegate Options and choose “Custom”.

Now, you only need to enter our Baking address in the “Custom Delegate” case: tz1Vyuu4EJ5Nym4JcrfRLnp3hpaq1DSEp1Ke

If you used your Ledger, once again, you will need to validate the operation on your device.

Please note, it’s important to enter the address directly on the Custom Delegate case and not send the funds directly to the address mentioned.

When delegating, the funds are always yours and you are able to move them at any time you want or to delegate with another baker as soon as you decide.

If the operation has been a success you can verify it using TzScan. Under delegate, if the operation is successful you should see “True” next to “Delegatable” and the Baker address next to “Delegate”.

To check if your earnings are coming on your account, we advise you to use Baking Bad service if you want to receive a message every time a payment is done on your address by the baker or directly by using our own Dashboard.

This is it, now you just have to relax and start to earn interest on your Tezos.

Please allow 7 cycles before receiving the rewards from your delegation. (You can check this article if you want to know more about this)

DISCLAIMER: This article is for information purpose only. Stakin cannot be held responsible in case of any mishandling.

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